‘Blame Mahama’

BABA Konneh Jamal, the Eastern Regional Communications Director of the defeated National Democratic Congress [NDC] has indicated that, the ‘Dead Goat Syndrome’ exhibited by President John Mahama in failing to listen to criticism has caused the party the massive defeat in the recentlyheld general elections.

According to Baba Jamal, instead of listening to the criticisms and help solve them, the President rather adopted the ‘dead goat’ syndrome and went ahead to do whatever he likes, whichworried some of them, but can’t say anything.

“As a leader you need to accept criticism and solve them than rather saying you won’t listen to anybody and that was what led us into opposition.”

Baba Jamal who made this known on ‘Radio One Fm’ a Bunso Junction based radio station [owned by Mr. OfosuAmpofo] stated further that, the regional secretariat launched an agenda 50-50 project to divide the votes with the New Patriotic Party but the Regional Chairman, BismarkTawiahBoateng, Secretary, Mark Oliver – Kevor and the Organiser, RansfordOwusuAgyapong whom he described as the ‘3 Wise Men’ took their own decisions after party meetingsheld by the Regional Executives, out of their selfish interest.


The eastern regional executives from left ; RansfordAgyapong, Organiser; FracisAnnorDompreh, Deputy Secretary; Baba Jamal Konneh, Communication Officer; Mark Oliver – Kevor, Secretary and Evelyn Korang, Woman Organiser at a press conference

He further explained that, due to the incompetence of the Regional Campaign Team, they placed a lot of measures and strategies in place to campaign, but the three wise men refuted it and hijacked everything including logistics that were sent for the campaign.

The Regional Deputy Organiser, Hackman Kabore also on Emark Fm, a Koforidua based radio station hinted that, the NDC’s over concentration on the perceived weakness of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) leader caused the ruling party’s defeat.

Hackman Kabore claimed the Regional Executives hijacked the campaign to the detriment of the grassroots, adding that, instead of the NDC Election Task Force concentrating on their campaign messages, they rather focused on hurling insults at Nana Akufo-Addo.

The Regional Executives, in June last year, launched agenda 50-50 project at Suhum, to divide the 33 Parliamentary seats and votes with the NPP, but the party at the end of the election lost its two seats to the NPP with a wide margin of votes.

The unexpected defeat has created confusion among the NDC regional executives as they pointed accusing fingers at each other for their defeat.

The Regional Executives, currently alleged to be in hiding, had reportedly failed to release monies meant for the payment of the party’s polling agents across the 33 constituencies and the agents are threatening to lock up the party offices.

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