PZ Cussons Undertakes Rob Sweets Sampling


PZ Cussons Undertakes Rob Sweets Sampling

Some Rob sweet vendors and wholesalers at the meeting

PZ Cussons, the multinational consumer goods business which manufactures and distributes some of the most renowned household brands in the world, is currently undertaking a nationwide sampling and tasting of its Rob Sweets brands in Ghana.

The sampling train, which started recently in Accra, will continue to the Eastern and Western regions after which all remaining regions will have the opportunity to sample the sweets.

It is in keeping with this that PZ Cussons, over the weekend, brought street vendors of the Robs sweet brands together in Accra to give their impression about the brands after which they were rewarded for their hard work.

Roger Chinery, Channel Marketing Manager, PZ Cussons, commenting on the activity, said: “We have been working on rob sweets as a brand over two years now.  We have sellers who are the main drivers of our brand and they are located in various areas. Most of them are around high traffic areas. The intention of this meeting is to bring them together and reward them for their hard work. We have put together 300 sellers today which includes wholesalers. “We are proud of them because they are making us proud.”

Mr Chinery said the old rob used to be a balm, “but this one is a sweet that soothens the throat and refreshes the mouth.”

He added that Rob was a very profitable brand which vendors could attest to.

“The company would be setting targets for its street vendors and upon achievement of targets, they would enjoy incentives.”

Noting that the Rob sweet brand had 80 percent of market share in Ghana, he added that the brand was well-known in Nigeria and Togo.

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