Brekusu Chief Clears Air


Brekusu Chief Clears Air

Nana Oteng Korankye II, chief and head of the Aduana family at Brekusu in the Eastern Region, has denied reports of violating a court order in respect of the Abokobi land case.

According to the chief, there is no injunction whatsoever restraining him, his agents, servants, privies, assigns or any other person from entering, developing, making grants and from dealing with all or any portion of the said land.

He said although there was an earlier interim injunction on some portions of the Brekusu land at the instance of the registered Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the said injunction had been duly vacated by Justice S.H Ocran on July, 8, 2016.

Nana Korankye II, in a statement signed on behalf of the sub-chiefs, principal elders and the entire people of Brekusu, reacted to the July 7, 2016 publication of the Punch Newspaper to the effect that the chief had defied court order and continues to work on Abokobi lands declared, thereto, by Nii Samuel Adjetey Mohenu, who has erroneously described himself as the chief of Abokobi.

The statement said that there have been various attempts by pretenders, false claimants and vexatious litigants mainly from certain families from the Greater Accra Region over the lands.

According to Nana Korankye II, “There has also been incessant harassment through the use of landguards, multiplicity of spurious suits against us over the same piece of land and we have rebutted them all and continue to defend our rights and ownership of the said lands.”

He added, “It may interest the public to know that there have been numerous judgements in our favour over the land, the most recent was obtained on July 21, 2014 and the said judgements has not been overturned in anyway by any court.”

The Brekusu chief said his people are law-abiding who have not defied any court order under any circumstance and as such any impression created in the contrary is unfortunate.

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