SHOCKING Twist: Mahama’s New Appointee Was Part of Montie Panel…


It has emerged that the latest Deputy Ministerial appointee of President John Dramani Mahama and NDC MP for Nkwanta North, John Oti Bless, was a member of the Montie FM Panel on 24th June, 2016 together with Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn and made similar contemptuous statements especially against Chief Justice, Georgina Woode.

It is unclear how John Oti Bless’s name has stayed out of the case till date but it appears to be the result of a deliberate scheme to save him from the contempt case by editing his contributions on the programme out of the tapes that emerged.

Today we have a CJ who because of a Political favour done her will do anything to help the NPP. It is an agenda. The electoral commission should stop working and give it to Georgina Woode. Why? Meddling in the affairs of the Electoral Commission. And we have a whole CJ, look at how old you are; you have kids and grandchildren and yet you are at the Court doing politics; you deliberately appoint NPP Judges to do politics and scheme with NPP to give biased rulings. Are you not calling for war? Are you not calling for civil war? Are you not destroying this country?” he said.

After making several other disparaging comments, John Oti Bless, whose vetting is currently on hold, indicated that the CJ has to be watched and suggested that the CJ was part of a plot to kidnap a child of Tony Lithur, who was Counsel for John Mahama during the 2013 Election Petition case.

We have to watch this Chief Justice. My brother Mugabe, I am telling you, when you go to the Supreme Court today, the Chief Justice is fighting one worker all because of politics. Let me give you a last filla. Do you know that during the Election Petition case, these people made a plot to kidnap a child of Tony Lithur, who was lawyer for our Excellency John Mahama so he would not concentrate on the case?” the Nkwanta North MP told Mugabe, host of Montie FM‘s Pampaso.

Greed Led To Jake’s Death?

The Deputy Minister-designate for the Local Government Ministry, also accused the late Jake Obetsebi Lamptey of avarice saying the advertising titan could have still been alive if not for his unbridled desire to steal state properties.

He argued that God might have prolonged the life of the late NPP Campaign Manager if he had not “illegally” acquired state lands and buildings at the expense of Ghanaians.

Look at Jake Obestebi Lamptey and how he acquired the state bungalow, if that property was his would he have bought it for that price? And when this issue was taken to court, judges ruled in his favour.

“…If the late Jake Obetsebi Lamptey had left the bungalow for the state or allowed the state to sell it to construct some low cost building for the poor, maybe God would have saved him and not allow him to die,” he stated.

The one-time Chief of Staff in the erstwhile Kufuor regime died on March 20 in the United Kingdom after an unknown ailment.

It is instructive to recall, that one of the jailed panellists, Godwin Ako Gunn, referred to these submissions by John Oti Bless and based on them to make the comments that has seen him jailed for contempt.

It remains to be seen if and what action will be taken against the MP should it emerged that he did passed those disparaging remarks.

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